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Fell Friday #33 - Big news, new Beta Backers build and new monster sprite

First, the big news: a little ago, we signed up with a publisher. This has many repercussions, but the most important ones are that we'll now be offering for certain a PS4 and GOG version of the game (and as well as about 40 more PC stores throughout the world) on top of the previously announced Steam and Xbox One versions.

Our publisher is preparing an official press release about our cooperation, so we're keeping their name under wraps until that goes out.

Another piece of good news tied to that is that we'll most certainly be going to PAX East in April and we hope to see the fans there!

As for progress: This week we were focused on polishing and testing, as we're releasing the new Beta Backers build this week-end. We've been focusing a lot on the AI and improving it and it's definitely better than ever! At this point, we just need to finish a patrol battle and otherwise the build should be about ready.

On the code side, we've added a LOT of new stuff this week, including many tweaks and fixes. The full list of changes will be up on our Steam page when we release the next Beta Build, so by Sunday.

On the art side, we're done with the first version of the sprite for the Bzil monster race (that's the special monster class that can use abilities from other monsters and that is usable by the player):

This guy's actually in the demo already, but he's using a placeholder human class since we're not done implementing the Bzil race quite yet!

Otherwise, we have a few new portraits, primarily for story characters:

That's it for now!

As usual, thanks again to everyone for your support, it's much appreciated!

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