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Fell Friday #43 - New world map/map sketch, new monster

We're back on the updates wagon! We missed our update last week as we had to take a trip to Canada for family reasons, but we're right back at it this week. :)

On with the progress report:

New world map sketch:

Our current world map has always been a temporary thing. We're finally done setting the boundaries of the world and the story, so we're getting ready for the new world map. Here's the preliminary sketch of what it'll look like:

The new worldmap will be quite a bit bigger than the old one!

New Map Sketch:

We've also started work on our next map. Here's the sketch for our 2nd Canyon map, Iirzkt'ara Gorge, an area that's part of the Bzil territory.

For anyone that doesn't remember what the Bzils are about, they are an intriguing sentient bug race. One of their numbers can even be recruited:

New Monster:

We have another new monster ready! That one went so fast, even I didn't get to see the preliminary sketch! Enters the Ercinee, a feathered menace with a talent for deadly magics.

More story battles and polish:

We've been pushing forward with story battles and we have some new content, including the first "optional map" of the game: during the course of the story, you'll get to visit this area, or ignore it, which will have different outcomes.

We've otherwise been focusing on polish. We've been fixing small bugs and issues left and right, fine tuning some abilities, improving shadows while jumping around the map, added a custom mouse cursor and redid most of the tutorials. Amongst other things!

The list of tweaks is getting pretty big and we'll release it on Steam later next week, along with the next Beta build.

Lastly, for anyone that missed it, we updated our free demo on Game Jolt,, Indiexpo and IndieDB. It has 2 more story battles and 3 patrols, along with about 6 months worth of fixes and polish. I'll admit it's pretty small compared to the 20 maps in the Beta Build, but it should give a better-than-ever idea of what the game will look like!

Thanks again for the support everyone!

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