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Fell Friday #51 - More polish, PS4 build soon

This week, we've again been mainly focusing on polish. Lots of bug fixing, adding new sounds, updating maps and abilities. On my side, most of the week was spent on finishing our crafting system. All crafting components, loot tables, treasures, stealables and poachables across the whole game have been created. It's one massive excel file at this point! The work is pretty much finished, minus one last review pass, to make sure everything is perfect. :)

Other than that, we just heard today that our PS4 devkits should be shipping next week. That means we'll probably get to work on the PS4 version next month.

On the art side, lot of odds and ends and polish as well, but we do have a new story character almost completed:

I won't give too much details about this guy at this point, other than he's an important (and dare I say, ominous) story figure. :)

We've also been doing more work on spells, like this one:

That's mostly it for this week. Sadly, balance and spreadsheets work doesn't make for great screenshots! >.<

To compensate, I believe we should have a big announcement fairly soon! So stay tuned!


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