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Fell Friday #56 - Gamescom aftermath

We're finally back from Germany. We stayed a little longer after Gamescom to visit the area and meet some European devs we know. It was a lot of fun! Very beautiful country and some impressive sights!

Here are some highlights from Gamescom:

Hard to see on the picture, but that's the "Fell Brew", our very own Czech Fell Seal light beer ^^

This is how happy one gets after the merest sip of the Fell Seal "Energy Drink"!

This doesn't do justice to how IMMENSE the venue was! 6 different giant pavilions if I'm not mistaken!

And some of the highlights of Germany itself:

German fashion.

More German fashion.

Crazy awesome looking cathedral called, for some reason, "The Dome".

A very cool headstone :)


In terms of progress, there isn't too much to report. I spent the day on bugs that were reported on our Steam page, otherwise it was mostly Gamescom related work.

We'll be focusing on integrating more feedback from the Steam forums in the coming weeks, as well as added content, in preparation for our first Early Access update.

Stay tuned!

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