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Fell Friday #81 - Finishing all cutscenes!

This week we've been focusing on wrapping up all our cutscenes and they're all done, including story character events, except for our second ending cutscenes. Almost there!

At this point, all assets (including maps, VFX, sprites, text) are complete, save for a dozen or so SFX. We're mostly missing that second ending and some encounters. We're also done with all localization and we added the final updates on that front this week, making our game fully localized in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Russian!

As soon as we wrap up the second ending, we'll be focusing almost exclusively on polish, balance and bug fixes until release.

We've been a little lax on social media and such lately, as we've been putting double time to make sure we can squeeze in all the optional content we have plan for our Release date, which is coming up pretty fast at this point. Sorry about that!

Here's one of the spells we added recently (it's a slightly outdated version of it actually, as we added a few more effects to spruce it up, but it still looked cool back then!)

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